Ext. HD (SFF-8644) to Ext. HD (SFF-8644) Cable

Part #: PCI-4444UW-1M-S2
Drawings: PDF
Description: Ext. HD (SFF-8644) to Ext. HD (SFF-8644), 14G 30AWG PCIe wire 9-pairs +6 wires, 1 meter for PCIe Gen 3 8.5Gb/s applications, Please check wiring. For use with Serial Cables PCI-AD-x16HE host card
Minimum Quantity: 1
Price (1-9): $89.95
Price (10-24): $83.95
Price (25-49): $79.95
Price (50+): $74.95
List price:
In Stock

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.2 in
Part #

PCI-4443UWT-1M-S2N2, PCI-4443W-1M-S1N2, PCI-4444-1M-S2, PCI-4444AA-1M-S2, PCI-4444AW-.5M-S2, PCI-4444AW-1M-S2, PCI-4444AW-2M-S2, PCI-4444S-1M-S2, PCI-4444UW-1M-S2, PCI-4444UWT-1M-S2


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