Quarch Cable Tester


Quickly identify bad cables, unusual pinouts and poor qualify data links with the Quarch Cable Tester.

⁍ Map high speed links, accounting for unusual cross-over
⁍ Identify broken wires
⁍ Train the link at full data speeds
⁍ Track bit error rates (BERT)
⁍ Calculate eye height and view synthetic eye diagrams
⁍ Decode EEPROM data

Use Cases
Screening Identify and reject failed cables quickly
Comparison Comparing quality between batches and suppliers
Characterisation Gain detailed insight into a cables performance
Identification See exactly what a cable is reporting its self to be

With this simple product, you can quickly ensure that any cable you have is both functional, and of a high quality. From basic standalone testing, to detailed reports and advanced custom features, the tester is easy and fast to use. Testing a wide range of cables, including some custom configurations and non-compliant designs is now easy.
Link mapping ensures you know exactly how the cable is wired and the high speed BERT and eye measurement tests allow you to see the actual performance of the cable in a real world situation.


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**Please note that all Quarch products are FOB Scotland and the consumer is responsible for all duties, taxes and shipping


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