Programmable Power Modules

Power testing for sustainable development
Whether you’re in design, test, product reviewing or marketing, having high quality power data is essential.

Understanding device power consumption is critical to building sustainable products. Consumption, heat output and running costs become bigger problems every year.

Energy standards, such as the SNIA emerald standard and the US energy star rating are also increasing rapidly. Demonstrating the energy credentials of your products has never been more important.

While various forms of analysis exists on the market, Quarch tools provide a unique mix of simplicity and power and all at a competitive price.

Quarch power analysis benefits
✔ Plug-and-play fixturing, setup in seconds
✔ Long term recording

✔ High resolution, calibrated measurements
✔ Powerful analysis applications

✔ Simple automation with full access to raw data

✔ Support for a huge range of DC and AC devices

Our customers
Quarch has a long history in the data storage industry, where energy use of storage devices make a huge difference to the efficiency of large data centres. We are the industry standard for SSD power analysis for many large storage companies.

From telecoms, aerospace, automotive and more, we are extending our power analysis tools into new markets and providing a level of automation that allows our tools to be productive 24/7.

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