Switching Products


Quarch has designed the industries first, affordable SAS/SATA physicaly layer switch for up to 6Gbs per/second on both SAS and SATA protocols. All devices are completely transparent to the host ports and this unit also supports simulated cable pulls (cable breaking). Controlled through easy-to-use Serial Interface (USB coming soon) SAS/SATA switch can have upto 4 Host/Initiator ports and 8 Device/Target ports and can be programmatically switched for complete test automation. Whether you are using PERL, Python, .NET or any other applications for your automation, this new Quarch switch can be easily implemented and integrated into your current test setup. LED's can be easily seen from the front panel indicating which ports are connected to which and the easy-to-use programming makes implementation quick and straight forward.

With the unique signal 'forwarding' capability of this product any user can easily instrument the high speed signals with a protocol analyzer without interrupting the original data signals and thus truly 'tapping' off the original signal.  The analyzer can be moved programmatically/automatically to any ports on the switch with two simple commands making this product very powerful for trouble-shooting too.

This product can be used in conjunction with the Quarch array controller prodoct or can be configured 'standalone' using the Quarch interface board (included)

Wide Port version coming soon!


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