PCIe/NVMe Products

Industry-standard fault testing without the complexity
In systems like data storage, telecommunications, networking, or AI in autonomous vehicles or aviation, testing for robust communication is critical.

Quarch Technology’s Torridon system can be scaled to cover every testing requirement—from a single device in early R&D, to 1000+ drives in a huge array along with all its supporting cable interconnects.

Run thousands of device power cycles without manual intervention. Perform repeatable industry-standard tests, with highly accurate timing, and simulate physical layer faults for validation testing.

✔ Used by most major companies working on SSD design, Communications silicon, Telecomms interfacing and more

✔ Part of mandatory testing schedule for NVMe drives at the UNH-IOL Plugfests, to prove the reliability and robustness of NVMe

✔ Support for the latest generation interfaces, including PCIe Gen4 and Gen5, plus 100G LAN over QSFP28.

✔ Support for PCIe, NVMe, CXL and OCP devices

EDSFF Power Injection Fixture

This simple interposer sits behind a drive and allows it to be slotted into an enclosure as normal (though with a slight offset of the drive).

The ultra-thin flex cable routes out of the enclosure and can be connected to one of our range of Programmable Power Modules. You can now perform power margining and measurement of the drive while using it within its normal operating environment.

Drive Control Modules

The Torridon PCIe SFF HS Drive Control Module allows remote switching of power, drive presence, PCIe data pins, and sideband signals to a PCIe SFF Disk Drive whilst plugged into a host system. Any standard drive compatible with the SFF-8639 can be controlled. Each set of pins can be individually switched, allowing complete control over the power up sequence of a drive. The switches can be sequenced at precise timings to simulate a hot-swap event, including pin bounce. Individual pins can be broken or glitched at any time to simulate a fault in the system. The Control module switches the high speed PCIe data lines at speeds up to Gen 3 (8GT/s). This greatly increases the number of faults that can be injected into the system and produces a more comprehensive hot-swap. Quarch modules may be customized to support other proprietary signals on request.


PCIe Gen3/4/5 Card Breakers


The Torridon PCIe x16 Gen 3/4/5 Control module allows remote switching of PCIe data, power and supporting control pins in a PCIe x16 Gen 3 slot for test automation or fault injection purposes. The module supports PCIe Gen 2 and Gen 3 devices at data rates up to 8 GT/s. Each pin is individually switched, allowing complete control over the mating of the card connector. Any individual pin(s) can be disconnected or glitched to simulate failures or configuration changes. If the devices support hot-swap, a sequenced hot-swap event can be run, connecting pins in sequence and simulating pin-bounce if required. WARNING: Some systems DO NOT support hot-swap of a PCIe card while the system is powered up. You should verify that your hardware supports this feature before using it. The module can disrupt power, data and control signals down to a minimum glitch length of 50nS. QTL1630-02A provides a power injection port to optionally power the PCIe add-in card from an external Quarch Programmable Power Module (QTL1455) instead of the PCIe host.

M.2 M-Key Vertical Card Module

Fitting into a standard M.2 M-Key slot, this module allows advanced, repeatable testing of M.2 devices.

Controlled from the TestMonkey GUI or any standard scripting language, the module is simple to integrate into your test plan.

The vertical orientation allows the module to fit almost any standard M.2 slot, with the drive sitting vertically. This facilitates its use in boards with little surrounding space.

With full control over every active pin, you can perform:

  • Full hot-swap control of the attached card
  • Individual control of all lanes, sideband and power pins
  • Glitching of any signals
  • Active driving of sideband signals.

This module comes with a 40cm removable interface cable and requires a separately-purchased controller.

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