PCIe Gen5 x16 MCIO Host Card with Broadcom Atlas2 A0 PCIe Switch

Part #: PCI5-AD-x16HI-A0-BG5
Manual: PDF
USB Driver: ZIP
Description: PCIe Gen5 capable x16 host card. Based on Broadcom’s new **PEX89000 PCIe switch chip this x16 host card has 4, x4 MCIO connectors (special PCI bracket to expose internal MCIO connectors outside the enclosure) and 1, x16 Gen5 receptacle. This host card supports bifurcation down to 8×2’s per/station and is user configurable through onboard CLI commands. Auxiliary power connector available for powering the DUT(s) vs slot supplied power. ***Supports Broadcom’s PEA (PCIe Embedded Analyzer) technology through SerialTek’s iTAP software.

** A0 version of PEX89000 PCIe switch chip is not a production chip and could have some errata.
***iTAP software not included and functions on station 0 only
****Station 0 at MCIO

Cables: Please use the cables found HERE for this Gen5 Application
Minimum Quantity: 1
List Price: $3,750.00
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in