BusMod Error Injector + BusGen BIST Generator

For today’s SAS and SATA developers and integrators, verifying design robustness and error recovery can be a challenging task, especially when it is difficult to duplicate test cases and customer issues. Troubleshooting is further complicated by ever-climbing storage capacities, network architectures, data rates, and protocol complexity. The BusMod Error Injector gives designers the ability to insert a variety of errors into a live data stream to test real-time error handling, system recovery, and duplication of issues seen in the field. Used in conjunction with the BusXpert SAS/SATA analyzers, users can easily verify correct and incorrect responses to issues caused by the error injector. BusMod’s error injection provides the ability to create random and defined line errors such as CRC or 8b10b encoding errors, modify or replace frames, frame data and primitives. BusMod also has the capability of generating the SATA Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) frame for testing physical compliance of both hosts and devices. Used with the Frame Error Rate Counter (FERC) capability of the BusXpert analyzers, the BusMod Micro and Pro systems become versatile SATA compliance test tools.

Creating test scripts is easy using SerialTek GUI. It is very similar to the BusXpert software to maintain ease of use and without the need to learn new interfaces.

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