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PCIe Gen3 Switch


Part #: PCI-SWGen3-81U
Description: PCIe Gen3 Switch board using PEX9781 Capella 2 Gen3 Switch chip (See Broadcom/PLX9781 documentation at for specifics on the switch chip) Dual, 1x4 SFF-8644, x16 in and 12, 1x4 out using SFF-8643 internal connectors. Multiple switch boards can be cascaded. If the upstream connections supports SRIS/SRNS standard SAS cables can be used. Power requirement: 4pin/12v **Supports surprise Hot plug in both Windows and Linux environments **Must have m/b that supports PCIe native mode OS in the Bios and running Server 2012 R2 or higher (no desktop versions)
Minimum Quantity: 1
List Price: $2,500.00
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Serial Cables PCI-SWG3-024E High Speed PCI Express switch delivers a powerful and flexible PCI Express external solution. This Gen3 PCI Express switch supports I/O expansion and high throughput PCI Express clustering. 


- 24 PCI Express Gen3 x4 Ports - 19in 1U Rack Mountable

- Gen3 8.0 GT/s Per Lane - Redundant Fans

- 32 GT/s Per Port - Port Status LEDs

- NTB or Transparent Use - Copper and Fiber Optic Cables

- SFF-8644 Conectors - Ethernet Based Management and Monitoring

- PCIe 3.0 or MiniSAS HD Cables - Hot Plug Cabling Support


The PCI-SWG3-024E switch enables users the ability to create a scalable PCIe fabric solution using standard PCIe copper or fiber cables. PCIe solutions running over back planes can now easily be enabled to run over external cables. Larger PCIe configurations can be realized by interconnecting multiple PCI-SWG3-024E switches. By loading the appropriate firmware, the PCI-SWG3-024E supports both transparent and non transparent bridging (NTB) use cases for clustering and I/O expansion applications.


The PCI-SWG3-024E is the high-end switching component in Serial Cables new PCI Express Gen3 product family. This 24 port 1U cluster switch delivers 32 GT/s of non-blocking bandwidth per port at ultra low latency. Up to 4 ports can be combined into a single x16 / 128 GT/s port if higher bandwidth is required. Each connection is fully compliant with PCI Express Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 I/O specifications.